Construction progress Stadlbreiten 9+11

Construction progress Stadlbreiten 9+11 29.11.2018

The construction work is progressing at full speed. The facades of stairs 2 and 3 are already completely finished and the framework is almost dismantled. The plumbing work in the attic and roof areas is completed. The locksmith has assembled almost all the railings. The first panes of glass railings decorate the terraces of the second attic. The large roof terraces were insulated and are waiting to be filled with rubble and slabs. In the base section, the kerbstones of the eaves gravel and the terraces have been prepared. The rainstorm sink boxes have been moved and the rain pipes installed. In all interior rooms the concrete screeds have been laid and the walls and ceilings have been painted. In the first two apartments, the tiles were laid in the bathrooms and restrooms.


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