Bildungscampus Seestadt Aspern Nord, Wien – Ground-breaking Ceremony

On May 17, 2019, when the spring weather was perfect, the ground-breaking ceremony for the Educational Campus Seestadt Aspern North, (a construction project of the client Stadt Wien MA 34), took place in the Donaustadt district. Representatives of the client, the construction company, the planning offices and local politicians accepted the invitation to be present at the site, where the construction work has already started. Mr. Jürgen Czernohorszky, the City Councillor in charge of Education, Integration, Youth and Human Resources, held the introductory speech, which was then followed by a speech of the District Director Mr. Ernst Nevrivy. Plenty of photos were taken by the press before the project was launched with great anticipation. The common goal of the project implementation combined with an ambitious construction period and an above all accident-free construction site, was highlighted as the wish of all project participants during the festivities

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