Bildungscampus Aron Menczer, Vienna – Construction progress

A few months ago, the construction work for the Aron Menczer educational campus in Adolf-Blamauer-Gasse started. In an area of approximately 17,000 m², the foundation pits were secured for the time being in order to continue with the digging work. Practically at the same time, the container village and the construction site equipment were installed. In the end, a total of three cranes will be in use. In order to be able to use the site for the construction work efficiently, we divided it into four construction stages. While in one part soil displacements are still taking place, in another part the base channel is already installed and in a further part the insulation respectively shuttering for the floor slab will be prepared. This means that the construction work can be done simultaneously for the entire construction site within a very tight deadline.


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