Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna – Topping-out ceremony

After the shell of the building was completed, the sole contractor, STRABAG AG, invite guests to the topping out ceremony on 10/17/2019. Representatives of STRABAG AG, WGA ZT GmbH, Preyergasse PE GmbH and many other companies who were involved accepted the invitation and gathered in what will eventually be the business’s new premises. After the welcome, the words of thanks followed to everyone involved, especially to the workers who were part of the construction team on site every day. After this, the traditional topping-out dedication was read out by the apprentice and the topping-out payment was made. Then the festivities and the generous buffet were opened.

We are grateful for the successful topping out ceremony, we hope we can carry on working well together and are looking forward to the completion in spring, which will be very exciting.  It is sure to be an enjoyable occasion!


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