Construction progress Gailenbachweg, Salzburg

Construction progress Gailenbachweg, Salzburg 21.04.2020

The time has finally come! The facade work on the PRISMA components (components N5-N8) has been completed and can be inspected without any scaffolding. The white, light-colored plaster facade gives the buildings a pleasant glow. The railings, the windows, the window reveals and the balcony soffits in a grey-beige color contrast with this plaster facade. The subdivision of the different high building units has been reinforced by the vertical window banding in anthracite. Simultaneously, the underground parking garage is undergoing coating work and the painting of the superordinate control system has already been finished. In the Salzburg Wohnbau building components (components N1-N4), the last windows are being installed and the facade and locksmith work will continue.

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