Educational Campus Aron Menczer, Vienna – The structural work is in place!

In the 3rd district of Vienna, the construction works for the new education campus are progressing rapidly! After only 10 months of construction time, the complete structural work has already been completed. Also, all balustrades made of white cement precast parts are already placed and the scaffolds are dismantled. The facade builder has already installed most of the window strips and mullion and transom facade. At the same time, the roof areas are waterproofed and the plumbing work, primarily the parapet cladding, is scheduled to start soon. The interior work on the ground floor and the 1st floor shows the last assembly work of the building services and the extension of the drywall construction, before the finishing work continues on the 2nd floor. In the meantime, the walls on the ground floor are completed and the model rooms are being built.


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