Stadlauer Strasse 64, Vienna – From the visualization to reality!

The Stadlau residential park is beginning to show its shape! During our last site inspection we could already notice amazing progress:
As a final step, the screed work on staircase 1 has now also been completed. The parquet and tiles have already been placed on staircase 3 to 6. Also, a lot has happened on the lower floors! The fire protection sliding doors and fire protection doors were installed, the asphalt was already casted and the promat canals were produced. The outside area has been plastered with bitumen and insulated with XPS. Partially, the plant troughs were also placed, which in the future will turn the residential park into a green area. The balcony coverings were largely carried out on staircases 3 to 6 and consequently, the plumbing work has already been completed in this area. Furthermore, the facades of all staircases are currently under construction in order to be able to finalize them in the near future.


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