Gailenbachweg, Salzburg – The PRISMA components have been completed

The PRISMA components (components N5-N8) have been completed. A total of 77 flats including garage space have been built and are now ready for their future use. Some flats have already been occupied. Whilst the new occupants are already moving into the completed building components, work on the Salzburg Residential Building components (N1-N4 components) is also drawing to a close. Most of the outdoor facilities have already been completed and are already available to the residents. These include playgrounds for children, parking spaces for visitor’s cars and bicycles and an inviting path system. Thanks to its good location, the residential complex offers high-quality views over the adjacent green space and in some cases even over the mountains on the horizon. Another highlight is the Werkbach stream, which runs along the eastern side of the property. This emphasises the natural surroundings and creates a pleasant atmosphere with its soothing sound.

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