Educational Campus Seestadt Aspern North, Vienna – The campus is taking shape

In Seestadt Aspern the construction of the educational campus is in full swing. In the meantime, the gymnastics hall has been completely covered with wood and the boulder wall has been installed. The sports floors in the gyms as well as in the gymnastics hall and the exercise room have also been laid. The next step is to install the wall bars in the exercise room. The skylight glazing and fixed glazing have now also been almost completely installed. The floors up to the first floor have also been laid and the tiling work has been completed.
However, the installation of the suspended ceilings still needs to be completed in some areas. The wooden portals on the ground floor have already been installed and the external sun shading has also been put in place. Bit by bit, the furnishing of the finished rooms is also progressing well. But it’s not just the interiors that are taking shape! Outside, the park toilet and the outbuildings for the garden playground equipment are ready and some of the concrete slabs on the terraces have also been laid. The borders for the sand pit and the paths are currently being prepared in the outer areas.

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