Kindergarten Schwadorf – The final phase has started

A lot has happened at the construction site in Schwadorf! The finishing work in the interior of the kindergarten is already well advanced and going into the final round. Last week, the drywall builder finished his work. The suspended perforated acoustic ceiling, with its many openings for the playful kindergarten lighting, now creates a completely new atmosphere in the room. At the beginning of the month, work started on the outside of the kindergarten. Carpenters and locksmiths are currently making two wooden and two aluminum pole facades at a time. Currently, the sheeting is being applied to the façade and to the underside of the cantilevered roof, and the substructure battens will soon be painted. In the meantime, the builder is making the final touches to the external landscaping. The Schwadorf municipality’s building yard is also currently working on the outdoor facilities at the construction site. It is fascinating to watch the project expand so quickly. We are looking forward to the coming and final months on the construction site.


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