Our team buildings: A brief overview

The year 2020 was an extraordinary one. There have been significant changes in everyone’s personal lives and jobs – including for us. The word “distance” has established itself in our daily lives and will probably be with us for a while. We have learned to work at a distance and still be there for each other and also how important cohesion and our team spirit is. We have also learned that our time together cannot be taken for granted and that we should cherish moments together. So today we look back with gratitude and a bit of melancholy on our great team traditions and we look forward to including them in our programme again at some point in the future. The events we arrange in-house usually start in spring with a winter day together at the Stuhleck ski resort in Semmering. This snowy ski-day brought some welcome relaxation in nature as well as another opportunity to get to know each other better away from the daily routine of the office. With the spring season, we also actively used our garden in the Bloch-Bauer-Promenade and held monthly barbecue afternoons together. In addition to a delicious meal, these also provided us with a lot of fun, especially our table tennis tournaments. We welcomed autumn with a hiking day or a joint city tour. We celebrated the end of the year at our team Christmas dinner in good spirits and toasted our successes over the past year. However, these memories inspire us to look forward with hope – towards a time when we can once again include our team-building activities in the annual programme and properly celebrate our team spirit.