Book Publication – „Das Wiener Studentenheim“

Vienna is the oldest university city and also one of the largest university cities in the German-speaking world. But unfortunately, places in student halls of residence are scarce. Just 10% of students find a place in a hall of residence. But do they still meet the new needs of students? What should a modern student hall of residence look like and what are the requirements? How can temporary accommodation also be designed to be of high quality, whilst keeping costs to a minimum and still creating social spaces for everyone? Are individually developed room modules the solution to the problem of space?

Working alongside the Academic Assistance Student Support Association (Akademikerhilfe Studentenunterstützungsverein) and the Vienna University of Technology (Research Department for Building History and Building Research), we have explored this issue in our book “Das Wiener Studentenheim” (The Viennese Student Halls of Residence), which has been published by Michael Wagner Verlag. The book costs €24.90 and can be ordered from Thalia or Shöpping.