WGA ZT GmbH – Quality by continuity

Since 1957 WGA ZT GmbH has been active in all areas of architecture. Numerous successes in competitions and a continuous order book reflect the general appreciation of the company’s work.

The continuous employment of experienced staff enables the company to work on several large projects in Austria and Germany at the same time, thus ensuring the economic stability of the company for many years.

We continuously employ a team of more than 100 people who are committed to the success of projects of all sizes. These projects are always jointly developed and comprehensively supervised by the project management. The number of people involved depends on the size of the project. The collaboration is designed to give all team members the opportunity to acquire a broad range of knowledge.

In addition to the traditional areas of architectural design and general planning, the company also focuses on project development, controlling, consulting and construction management. Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a working method and sustainability as a guiding principle have become a matter of course for us. Building in existing structures – using and improving what already exists, modular construction – systematically creating sustainable real estate, and certifications reflect the company’s way of working and thinking.

WGA ZT GmbH has successfully completed numerous projects, particularly in the areas of educational buildings, healthcare buildings and residential buildings.

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