ISO certifications in architecture and overall planning

9001:2015 Quality management system

14001:2015 Environmental management system

27001:2022 Information security management system

Since 2024, WGA ZT GmbH has been the first company in the field of architecture and overall planning worldwide to hold these three ISO certifications.

The ISO 9001 quality management standard is the most widely used and important standard in the field of quality management, both nationally and internationally. WGA ZT GmbH has been ISO 9001 certified since 2016. In addition to quality, all employees at WGA ZT GmbH have been practicing and implementing environmental and sustainability issues, as well as information security and data protection, in projects and in everyday office life for years. Therefore, it was important for WGA ZT GmbH to make these two topics visible in our company with an integrated management system through certification.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of our services and planning and to optimise the synergies between the three systems, these three management systems have been holistically combined. The integrated management system is not an independent function, but the responsibility of all employees of WGA ZT GmbH in their respective areas of responsibility.

In addition, WGA ZT GmbH takes a holistic approach to effective management and control in order to provide professional services to its clients. With its integrated management system, WGA ZT GmbH sets the highest standards in these areas. Constructive cooperation and continuous improvement at all levels of the company ensure effective protection of quality, the environment and information security.

The benefits for our customers and our company include

  • Operational transparency and process optimization
  • Continuous improvement
  • Minimising error rates and reducing costs
  • Sustainable planning and environmental protection
  • Information security and data protection