Topping-out ceremony Hofwiesengasse

Topping-out ceremony Hofwiesengasse 17.10.2019 After the shell of the building was completed, the sole contractor, STRABAG AG, invite guests to the topping out ceremony on 10/17/2019. Representatives of STRABAG AG, WGA ZT GmbH, Preyergasse PE GmbH and many other companies … Continued

Construction progress Educational Campus Seestadt Aspern Nord

Construction progress Educational Campus Seestadt Aspern Nord 16.10.2019 In June 2019, the construction work for the Educational Campus Seestadt Aspern Nord in Sonnenallee 116 started. For the time being, the digging pit was secured, followed by further digging work. The … Continued

Topping-out ceremony Saltenstrasse

Topping-out ceremony Saltenstrasse 16.10.2019 Just in time for the celebration, the cloud cover over the Saltenstrasse has cleared to present the construction site in bright sunshine. Together with the representatives of HÜBL & Partner Immobilien, WGA ZT GmbH and the … Continued

Construction start Rugierstrasse

Construction start Rugierstrasse 08.10.2019 In the middle of the 22nd district of Vienna – the town on the Donau – the construction of 24 apartments in a traffic convenient location has started. In the Rugierstrasse, two buildings with a view to … Continued

Symposium on student residences

Symposium on student residences 08.10.2019 On 8th October 2019, Akademikerhilfe, the largest provider of student residences, and WGA ZT GmbH, the largest architecture firm involved in building halls of residence in Austria, hosted a symposium on the subject of “Wohn(t)räume … Continued

Won! Kindergarten Schwadorf

Won! Kindergarten Schwadorf 07.10.2019 Our design for the Schwadorf Kindergarten has won the architectural competition and the plan is now to complete this quickly. The new kindergarten has been specifically designed to meet the needs of its small (and large … Continued

Construction progress Hofwiesengasse

Construction progress Hofwiesengasse 27.09.2019 All of structural work has now been completed. The construction work on the roof of structural element 1 has already been completed. The drywall construction has already been completed in structural elements 1 and 2 and … Continued

Topping-out ceremony Siegesplatz

Topping-out ceremony Siegesplatz 26.09.2019 The basic framework of the residential project at Siegesplatz 17 in the 22nd district of Vienna is in place.The topping-out ceremony for the 4 buildings was held on 26th September 2019. Representatives of the client HART … Continued

Construction progress Weinzingergasse

Construction progress Weinzingergasse 26.09.2019 Three sides of the building already shine in bright white of the finished plaster coating. The insulation that makes up the EWIS has already been applied to the street façade along with the various structural elements. … Continued