Ellener Hof, Bremen – Interior work in progress

The non-load-bearing internal walls and the facing shells of the KLH flat partitions have been erected for all the apartments. The flat stations, consisting of media, electrical, and heating distribution cabinets, have been installed in the conventional drywalls provided for … Continued

Wagramer Strasse 64-66, Vienna – Structural work progressing rapidly

Der Baufortschritt in der Wagramer Straße 64-66 ist anhand der aktuellen Rohbauarbeiten bereits deutlich erkennbar. Nach der erfolgten Herstellung der Decke über dem 1.Obergeschoss, ist das Aufstellen der Hohlwände im 2. Obergeschoss derzeit im Gange. Anhand der bereits versetzten Balkonplatten … Continued

Spindlerweg 5, Vienna – Construction start

At the end of last year, construction work began on the new residential complex at Spindlerweg 3-5 in Vienna’s 22nd district. By the first quarter of 2025, 34 privately financed apartments, including underground parking, will be built in a quiet, … Continued

Squash evening

The team spirit of our employees is strengthened by a variety of sporting activities. This week, part of the WGA team got together for a squash evening with some exciting matches. Once again we spent time together away from the … Continued

Retirement Home Alfons Maria, Gablitz – End of construction

The Alfons Maria Senior Citizens’ Centre project at Bachgasse 1-2, 3003 Gablitz was completed. The new residential care home will provide high-quality living space for residents on four floors above ground. Only single-bed rooms were planned and built, offering the … Continued