Kindergarten Schwadorf – Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the new kindergarten in Schwadorf took place on the weekend before the actual kick-off of the new kindergarten and school year. Because of the surprisingly hot autumn temperatures, the celebration not only reminded the mayor of … Continued

Kindergarten Schwadorf – End of construction

After only one year of construction time, the new kindergarten in Schwadorf was completed in the month of July 2021. The kindergarten, which is located adjacent to the primary school of the municipality of Schwadorf, is now a kind of … Continued

Leopoldauer Strasse 72, Vienna – Completion very soon

The completion of the construction work is approaching. The locksmith’s work for the installation of the perforated sheeting, which has been the main design feature of the building since the beginning of the design, is currently in progress on the … Continued

Gesundheitswelt Ost, Wiener Neustadt – Ground-breaking Ceremony

The ground-breaking ceremony for the “Gesundheitswelt Ost” construction project, in which wohngut Development “Wiener Neustadt” GmbH & Co KG is acting as the building contractor, was held in Wiener Neustadt on 18th August 2021 in brilliant summer weather. Representatives of … Continued

Canisianum, Innsbruck – Construction start

Now the time has finally come! The first crane is already in place in the west garden of the Canisianum and the second is currently being set up in the east courtyard. The northern wing of the Canisianum is completely … Continued