Construction progress Grundäckergasse II

Construction progress Grundäckergasse II 22.11.2019 The final tasks before the three construction sites are finished have already reached their final stage. The outside facilities, which are also almost ready, give an idea of the future look. In the courtyard area, … Continued

Construction progress Weinzingergasse

Construction progress Weinzingergasse 22.11.2019 In a shining white, plaster facade appears after the scaffolding has been dismantled. This completes the building exterior of the upper floors. Accordingly, the construction work on the exterior facilities has now been started and the … Continued

Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna – Construction progress

Before the start of the winter, construction work is being carried out at the exterior of the building. The carpentry work is already finished and the plumbers are currently finishing the steep roof. Also on the green roofs, the last tasks are … Continued

Saltenstrasse 1, Vienna – Construction progress

In all areas of the building, the construction work is lively. While the underfloor heating is already being installed in staircase 2, the dry walls are being set up in staircase 1 and closed in sequence. At the same time, … Continued

End of construction ICV International Campus Vienna

End of construction ICV International Campus Vienna 13.11.2019 In cooperation with the general contractor Lukas Lang Building Technologies GmbH, the unique educational campus “ICV International Campus Vienna” in Oberlaa was finished using the Lukas Lang modular system of industrially produced … Continued

An interview with Harald Oissner

Today we have prepared 10 questions for Harald Oissner, our Managing Director:   1. Everyone has dreams of what he/she wants to become as a toddler? What was your dream/wish or when did you decide to become an architect and … Continued

Wagramer Strasse 115-117, Vienna – Construction progress

At the corner of Wagramer Strasse 115 / Andreas-Huger-Gasse, a residential complex with 67 housing units, 6 accommodation rooms, and 2 commercial spaces will be built by fall of 2020. The construction work has already started and is progressing rapidly. … Continued

Rugierstrasse 55, Vienna – Construction progress

Work on the construction site has started well and is right on schedule. First of all, the bored piles were inserted into the ground to guide the excavated material safely downwards. The shotcrete shells between the piles were produced in … Continued