Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Baufortschritt Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B  20.12.2017 The year 2017 is coming to an end and the crane on construction site Hauptbahnhof C.18.B can be dismantled on schedule even before the new year starts. All of the roof domes have been put up … Continued

Christmas party 2017

wga zt

The team from WGA ZT GmbH accepted the invitation and met up for dinner together in the “Pichlmaiers zum Herkner” restaurant. The Christmas party was celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere. Our Managing Director Harald Oissner gave plenty of praise to … Continued

Construction progress Wenhartgasse

Baufortschritt Wenhartgasse

Construction progress Wenhartgasse 18.12.2017 The floor structure including under-floor heating will also be laid once the drywalls have been completed. External work is also progressing; the roof structure is almost finished. Work on the street-side thermal insulation system was interrupted … Continued

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Baufortschritt Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt 18.12.2017 Building works have been progressing rapidly on plot 2 since the official start of construction on the 27.02.2017, The construction of the walls in the area of staircases 1, 2 and 3 on the … Continued

Construction progress Messestrasse II

Baufortschritt Messestrasse II

Construction progress Messestrasse II 18.12.2017 The Christmas tree will soon be up in every living room and we will also soon be putting a tree on the roof for the topping-out ceremony! In section 3 just the last floor is … Continued

Construction progress Anschützgasse

Baufortschritt Anschützgasse

Construction progress Anschützgasse 12.12.2017 Building work in the Anschützgasse is moving forward quickly. As you can see from the photos, the façade is just being finalized. Only the enamel glazing is missing from the dormers. The lower construction of the … Continued