Construction progress Aspern J12

Construction progress Aspern J12 26.06.2017 In the installed residential building of components 1 and 2, the outer insulation is applied. In the case of component 2, the south-east facade has also already been completed. Interior construction (dry construction, electrical and … Continued

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt 19.06.2017 The construction work on the plot 2 progresses rapidly. The floor slab is almost completely concreted and about half of the basement walls have already been erected. The corresponding production elements for the erection … Continued

Construction progress Effenbergplatz


Construction progress Effenbergplatz 16.06.2017 The thermal insulation composite facade has been finished in component 3. Further, the railings were installed on the balconies. In the interior, laminate floors and tiles are laid in the upper floors. Component 4 is successively … Continued

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B Favored by the weather, work on the construction site is proceeding rapidly. The ceiling above the ground floor and the largest part of the columns on the ground floor has already been completed. At stair 1, … Continued

Construction progress Messestrasse II

Construction progress Messestrasse II 14.06.2017 Construction work is progressing well. The foundation plate is already finished and the majority of the walls and supports from the ground floor are already standing. The ceiling from the ground floor is mostly switched … Continued

Construction progress Anschützgasse

Anschützgasse 1

Construction progress Anschützgasse 12.06.2017 The summer temperatures provide the best building conditions in Anschützgasse 1. All wooden walls and beams have already been installed on the 4th floor and half of the hybrid ceiling on the 5th floor has already … Continued

Topping-out ceremony Aspern J12

Aspern J12

Topping-out ceremony Aspern J12 31.05.2017 The Topping-out ceremony for the building project Aspern J12 took place on a beautiful sunny Wednesday. Representatives of STRABAG AG, WGA ZT GmbH, Freimüller Söllinger Architecture, WBV GÖD, Erste ÖSW, STUWO AG, Aspern J12 GmbH, … Continued

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse


Construction progress Wagramer Strasse 01.06.2017 The warm weather offers very good conditions on the construction site! The ramp was concreted and the walls on the ground floor completely erected. In calendar week 21, the ceiling was concreted above ground in … Continued