Ellener Hof, Bremen – Setting up the construction site

Work on site installation has started. Explosive ordnance surveys and work on contaminated sites and contamination have taken place.The construction fence is in place and the surface soil was removed. <<see project>>

Dröpkeweg 2-12, Berlin – Roof completion

A lot has happened at the construction site in recent weeks. The building hull, which will rise three and four stories from the stairwell in the center, was erected. Inside, the drywall work for the interior walls as well as … Continued

Support for the Executive Board

After about 10 years of Harald Oissner managing WGA ZT GmbH and the WGA Group and setting the course for the future of the group by himself, the management team is now being strengthened: WGA ZT GmbH – David Krestan … Continued

Support for the Management Team

Thomas Schmidt is becoming the new group manager for planning and sustainable construction. He joined WGA ZT GmbH in 2016 and has successfully handled many projects in the field of project planning and construction management as an employee and project … Continued

BIMcert Foundation certification

Recently, the BIMcert Foundation certification was successfully completed by members of the WGA BIM team. Carlos Mayerle, Boy D’Hont, Antoni Dimitrov, Karl Engelmaier and Markus Zeisig were admitted to the circle of 270 BIMcert-qualified engineers in Austria. The qualification and certification program … Continued