Construction progress Weinzingergasse

Baufortschritt Weinzingergasse

Construction progress Weinzingergasse 25.04.2019 The project is now reaching greater heights all the time. Both the second and third floors have been formed, reinforced and concreted in the last few weeks. The first few walls have already gone up on … Continued

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.16.D

Baufortschritt Hauptbahnhof C.16.D

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.16.D 24.04.2019 Just eight months after the beginning of the construction work, the structural work has been completed. The insulation of the ceiling is currently in progress at the ground floor and the plastering of the upper … Continued

Aspern J4, Vienna – Construction progress

Baufortschritt Aspern J4

The builders are hard at work in the North of Vienna.The structural work of the Aspern J4 project is taking on its shapes, one can already identify the French windows and the circular curved balconies. The interior work is already … Continued

End of construction Stadlbreiten 9+11

Stadlbreiten 9+11

End of construction Stadlbreiten 9+11 24.04.2019 The new residential complex was finished in cooperation with STRABAG AG as the general contractor for the at home Immobilien-GmbH and handed over to the tenants. A total of 46 apartments, divided into 3 … Continued

Topping out ceremony Miriam-Makeba-Gasse

Topping out ceremony Miriam-Makeba-Gasse 24.04.2019 During nice spring weather the topping out ceremony for the construction project Miriam-Makeba-Gasse 5 took place on the 24th of April 2019. Representatives of STRABAG AG, WGA ZT GmbH, Haring Group GmbH, ZT-Büro DI Ernst … Continued

Saltenstrasse 1, Vienna – Construction progress

Baufortschritt Saltenstrasse

The ceiling above the cellar is completely concreted, the garage ramp is installed, most of the walls on the ground floor are set up and even the first ceiling section above the ground floor is finished. At the same time, … Continued

Construction progress Parking deck Oberwart

Baufortschritt Parkdeck Oberwart

Construction progress Parking deck Oberwart 12.04.2019 All steel beams, light purlins and trapezoidal sheets were installed, so the roof is now completed. Now that the concrete has already been laid, it will soon be possible to start coating the surfaces … Continued

Construction progress, Cityquartier Wiener Neustadt

Baufortschritt Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt 12.04.2019 The construction work on sites 1 and 3 is progressing rapidly. On site 2, which has already been handed over, the spacious gardens will be individually designed by the new owners at the beginning … Continued

Topping-out ceremony Grundäckergasse II

Topping-out ceremony Grundäckergasse II 11.04.2019 The topping-out ceremony was celebrated with a good spirit in the community garage. The representatives of the two building owners DWK and RIKAG and the general contractor PORR AG thanked all workers and planners involved … Continued

Construction progress Paulusgasse

Baufortschritt Paulusgasse

Construction progress Paulusgasse 11.04.2019 The building has really risen since the last construction progress report. The structural work is almost ready and the windows are installed up to the 4th floor. All the interior work is in progress and the … Continued