Kindergarten Schwadorf – Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the new kindergarten in Schwadorf took place on the weekend before the actual kick-off of the new kindergarten and school year. Because of the surprisingly hot autumn temperatures, the celebration not only reminded the mayor of … Continued

Kindergarten Schwadorf – End of construction

After only one year of construction time, the new kindergarten in Schwadorf was completed in the month of July 2021. The kindergarten, which is located adjacent to the primary school of the municipality of Schwadorf, is now a kind of … Continued

Rugierstrasse 55, Vienna – End of construction

The recently completed project at Rugierstraße 55 with 24 flats is embedded in the center of Vienna’s Donaustadt district. A quiet residential area with excellent transport connectivity and infrastructure within walking distance can be expected by the future tenants. The … Continued

Gailenbachweg, Salzburg – End of construction

Finally, the residential complex consisting of eight new buildings including an underground car park has been completed. The new PRISMA buildings (N5-N8), the Salzburg Wohnbau buildings (N1-N4), where until recently there was still a lot of construction work going on, … Continued