Saltenstrasse 1, Vienna – Construction progress

In the complete building, the screed was already placed and also heated out. The apartments on the first floor of staircase 1 are now equipped with controlled ventilation from the ground-floor to the upper floor. Afterwards, the installation of the … Continued

End of construction Siegesplatz

An additional project in cooperation with the company Hart & Hart Bauträger GmbH was successfully accomplished. The residential project on Siegesplatz 17 in the 22nd district of Vienna with 41 privately financed condominiums is now ready for its future tenants. … Continued

Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna – Construction progress

The construction work is progressing well even though the weather conditions are fluctuating.  The facades of building units one and two are finished and the scaffolding was taken down. The scaffolding for the third building unit was also removed on … Continued

Rugierstrasse 55, Vienna – Construction progress

The construction work on the basement is progressing rapidly. While the remaining floor slabs are being built, the first basement walls were set up at the back end of the property. From there, the construction site has then progressed onwards … Continued

Skiday – Stuhleck

On Friday, February the 28th, 2020, it was time again for us to look for the snow again and to spend a nice winter day in the skiing area ” Stuhleck am Semmering” together. While one part of the group … Continued