Schäffergasse 10-12, Vienna – First attic built

In Schäffergasse, clear construction progress can be seen on the top floor. The ceiling above the first attic floor has now been completely concreted. Now the concreting of the walls on the second floor is starting. The precast elements that … Continued

Christian-Bucher-Gasse 15-17, Vienna – Site visit

In July 2022, WGA ZT GmbH once again organised a building visit for all interested employees. This time, the WGA team visited our project at Christian-Bucher-Gasse 15-17, which is in the middle of construction. Building visits, especially for projects under … Continued

Schäffergasse 10-12, Vienna – Top floor work starts

As all standard floors of the apartment building complex in Schäffergasse have been built in the meantime, the work on the top floor could be started. The walls in the first top floor have already been completely concreted. The ceiling … Continued