Construction Progress Eckertstrasse

Baufortschritt Eckertstrasse

Construction Progress Eckertstrasse 27.07.2017 The shell is finished. Portals and windows are already in place. At present, the complete thermal protection facades are produced. On the north side you can already see a finished section. At the same time, the … Continued

Construction progress Aspern J12

Baufortschritt Aspern J12

Construction progress Aspern J12 25.07.2017 In accordance with the building schedule, the exterior insulation is installed in components 1 and 2. In the case of component 2, the facade has also already been completed. The interior construction (dry construction, electrical … Continued

Construction progress Messestrasse II

Baufortschritt Messestrasse II

Construction progress Messestrasse II 21.07.2017 The dismantling of the excavation protection is in process and the backfilling has already been made to large parts. The ground-floor walls are already standing, the first panels for the ceiling above the ground floor … Continued

Construction progress Effenbergplatz

Baufortschritt Effenbergplatz

Construction progress Effenbergplatz 21.07.2017 We are approaching the finish line in speedy steps. The last painting work is carried out in component 3, the walls and the ceilings are painted in the aisles and in the stairwell. Also the flooring … Continued

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Baufortschritt Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B 20.07.2017 The project at the Central Station C.18.B takes shape. After the reinforced concrete walls and columns on the ground floor, the ceiling was finished on the ground floor in the middle of this month. At … Continued

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Baufortschritt Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt 19.07.2017 Since the official start of the construction on 27.02.2017, the construction work on the property 2 progresses rapidly. The floor slab is completely concreted and the basement walls have already been built almost completely. … Continued

Construction progress Anschützgasse

Baufortschritt Anschützgasse

Construction progress Anschützgasse 17.07.2017 Construction works well. Meanwhile, the first wooden walls were placed on the 5th floor. The two upper floors are designed as residential buildings and offer already an impressive view over the rooftops of Vienna. Furthermore the … Continued

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse 11.07.2017 In the street-side building, the ceiling above the second floor was concreted and the first apartments could be viewed on the first floor. The shell of component 2 has been completed and this week we … Continued

Construction progress Wenhartgasse


Construction progress Wenhartgasse 04.07.2017 After six weeks of construction at the cellar, the cellar ceiling was concreted at the end of last week. The hollow walls on the ground floor are for the most part set up and are to … Continued