Fasanstrasse 1a-c, Pixendorf – Construction progress

The construction of the residential houses in a timber construction system by the company Lukas Lang Building Technologies GmbH in Pixendorf has started at the end of last year. Meanwhile, the work on the load-bearing structures of the first two … Continued

Horner Strasse 97-99, Stockerau – Construction progress

Since December 2019, a retail park is being converted at Horner Strasse 97-99 in Stockerau. The existing hall is divided into four operating sections and the different construction volumes are architecturally combined by a sliding canopy hanging above it. In … Continued

Gailenbachweg 5, Salzburg – Construction progress

The time has finally come! The facade work on the PRISMA components (components N5-N8) has been completed and can be inspected without any scaffolding. The white, light-colored plaster facade gives the buildings a pleasant glow. The railings, the windows, the … Continued

Saltenstrasse 1, Vienna – Construction progress

The installation of the controlled residential ventilation system was successfully completed for both staircases. After that, the hanging ceilings were also sealed and filled. In the “Staircase 1” area, the paintwork is already in progress, while in the “Staircase 2” … Continued