Gesundheitswelt Ost, Wiener Neustadt – Site visit

During the year, WGA ZT GmbH arranges for any interested colleagues to take part in internal construction site visits and site visits. Friday, 25th August 2023 was that time again and the WGA team was able to gain an insight into … Continued

Effenbergplatz building site 1+2, Vienna – Site visit

As our employees are always interested in internal site visits, one was organised last Friday on the ongoing construction project at Effenbergplatz. The WGA team took the opportunity to discuss some key issues and ask questions about both the planning … Continued

Obersteinergasse 11, Vienna – Site visit

Two Fridays ago, the employees of WGA ZT GmbH once again took the opportunity to gain some insight of a project that is currently under construction. As an already standing building, the focus of the building visit to Obersteinergasse 11 … Continued

Schäffergasse 10-12, Vienna – Site visit

Last Friday, our WGA team visited our project in Schäffergasse 10, Vienna, during an internal construction visit. Many employees took the opportunity to get an insight into an emerging project on site. In particular, the current construction progress was analyzed … Continued

Cumberlandstraße 38, Vienna – Site visit

The interest in site visits is still high among our employees. For this reason, WGA ZT GmbH once again organised an internal site visit – this time to Cumberlandstraße 38, Vienna. Especially for architects who were involved in the planning … Continued

Christian-Bucher-Gasse 15-17, Vienna – Site visit

In July 2022, WGA ZT GmbH once again organised a building visit for all interested employees. This time, the WGA team visited our project at Christian-Bucher-Gasse 15-17, which is in the middle of construction. Building visits, especially for projects under … Continued