WGA Cultural Afternoon – Türkiye

During the cold months of the year, the culinary journey is once again taking place in our office.  Last Friday afternoon we got to taste many specialities from Türkiye. Our employees from Türkiye prepared all kinds of traditional specialities for … Continued

Won! Kindergarten Perchtoldsdorf

We are delighted to announce the success of the invitation-only competition for the Perchtoldsdorf kindergarten. The new extension to the kindergarten will be designed with the children’s needs in mind. The aim is to make the extension independent in terms … Continued

Squash evening

Last week our WGA team got together for another game of squash. After a couple of squash sessions, all the beginners are now much more proficient and there were even some exciting battles that required a maximum physical effort. This … Continued

Architecture seminar – Toronto

Every year, we organise an architecture trip to many different locations around the world so we can broaden our architectural and urban planning expertise by visiting other cities. This year’s architecture seminar took some of our colleagues from the Vienna … Continued