Construction progress Aspern J12

Baufortschritt Aspern J12

Construction progress Aspern J12 23.02.2018 In accordance with the construction schedule, part 1 and part 2 have meanwhile been completed and handed over to the client. In the building part 3, the student dormitory on Sonnenallee, the painting work is … Continued

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Baufortschritt Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt

Construction progress Cityquartier, Wiener Neustadt 23.02.2018 Construction work on lot 2 has been progressing rapidly. In the area of staircases 1,2 and 3 the production of the coffin lid in the attic is finalized and the carpentry work for the … Continued

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Baufortschritt Hauptbahnhof C.18.B

Construction progress Hauptbahnhof C.18.B 22.02.2018 While there is snowfall outside and freezing temperatures, the construction work inside the building continues diligently. The screed has already been laid on the 2nd and 3rd floors of staircase 2, while the vapour barrier is … Continued

Construction progress Anschützgasse

Baufortschritt Anschützgasse

Construction progress  Anschützgasse 20.02.2018 The construction work in Anschützgasse is progressing rapidly. The upper end of the superior steel structure has already been covered with sheet metal and the sheet metal partitions were installed as well. Half of the façade … Continued

End of construction Eckertstrasse

Baufertigstellung Eckertstrasse

End of construction Eckertstrasse 09.02.2018 The project Eckertstrasse 30 is successfully completed. The handover of the apartments in our building part to Erste Immobilien KAG took place on February 8 – 9. At that time, the kindergarten was already in operation … Continued

Construction progress Stadlbreiten 9+11

Baufortschritt Stadlbreiten 9+11

Construction progress Stadlbreiten 9+11 09.02.2018 In construction phase three, the basement walls are currently being formed and reinforced on the finished foundation slab. In construction phases one and two, the basement ceiling has already been completed. The prefabricated parts for … Continued

Construction progress Anschützgasse

Baufortschritt Anschützgasse

Construction progress Anschützgasse 06.02.2018 Building work on the Anschützgasse is progressing rapidly. The protruding steel construction on the facade facing the Wienzeile on the left has been extended at the upper and lower ends. This has also been completed in … Continued

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse

Baufortschritt Wagramer Strasse

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse 02.02.2018 In both components, the drywall construction work has been completed and the floor heating and screed have been completely installed on all floors. The crane was removed and the recess in the foundation plate was … Continued