End of construction Weinzingergasse

As planned, the facility was successfully finished after 18 months of construction time and could be handed over to the client from where it was handed over to the tenants. The individually contracted contractors cooperated with each other in a … Continued

Saltenstrasse 1, Vienna – Construction progress

All of the floor structures and underfloor heating have now been placed in staircase 1 and the concrete pavement has been added to all the floors. At the lower tops, the concrete screed has been completely preheated and the filling work … Continued

Rugierstrasse 55, Vienna – Construction progress

The installation work on the collection pipes for the geothermal energy was fully finalised. After that, the different shafts were installed, reinforced and concreted underneath the base plate. Following these preparations were successfully carried out, the first area of the … Continued

Gailenbachweg 5, Salzburg – Construction progress

The construction of the building structure for all eight new building units is now ready! At this point, the last windows and the post-and-beam facades will be installed for the building units N1-N8. The railings, as well as the room-high … Continued