Rugierstrasse 55, Vienna – Final touches

The completion of the residential building at 55 Rugierstrasse is just coming up. It won’t be long now until the high-end flats are completely finished and the future residents can enjoy the promised living comfort. Around the house, the construction … Continued

Rugierstrasse 55, Vienna – Final sprint

At Rugierstrasse 55, 1220 in Vienna, the new residential building with premium flats will soon be finished. We returned to the construction site and are able to report that some progress could be made. In the heart of the building, … Continued

An interview with Harald Oissner

In our last interview, our managing partner, Harald Oissner, explained his personal experiences in the architecture industry. Today, we would like to present our company in more detail in another interview with Harald Oissner and discuss current developments in the … Continued

Our team buildings: A brief overview

The year 2020 was an extraordinary one. There have been significant changes in everyone’s personal lives and jobs – including for us. The word “distance” has established itself in our daily lives and will probably be with us for a … Continued

Kindergarten Schwadorf – The final phase has started

A lot has happened at the construction site in Schwadorf! The finishing work in the interior of the kindergarten is already well advanced and going into the final round. Last week, the drywall builder finished his work. The suspended perforated … Continued