Spindlerweg 5, Vienna – Construction start

At the end of last year, construction work began on the new residential complex at Spindlerweg 3-5 in Vienna’s 22nd district. By the first quarter of 2025, 34 privately financed apartments, including underground parking, will be built in a quiet, green location. The residential complex consists of two staircases and offers a mix of 2-4 room units ranging in size from approx. 43 to 84m² of living space.

With the base slab in place and the first external basement walls erected by the time the site was closed at the turn of the year, structural work is progressing rapidly in the current favourable site temperatures. Over the past two weeks, all of the load-bearing internal basement walls have been formed and concreted. This week, concreting of the ceiling above the basement has already started in some areas.

We look forward to a good working relationship with the entire project team.

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