Ground-breaking ceremony – Residential buildings Hinterbrühl

The traditional ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the start of the construction of four residential buildings in the market town of Hinterbrühl was warmly welcomed with bright sunshine. The construction work will initially start with the Gaadner Straße 21A+23 project, where the ceremonies also took place. Subsequently, the other three construction sites will be continuously started.

A total of 41 flats will be built here, distributed over the four building sites of the townhouses. The majority of these flats will be available for rent, providing the community with additional accommodation for young families and senior citizens. It is also important to remember that all of the properties were originally developed and in some cases had not been used for many years, meaning that no new building land is required.

We are looking forward to starting the work together with the client and the general contractor and completing the projects.

<<see project Gaadner Straße 21a+23, Hinterbrühl>>

<<see project Hauptstraße 86, Hinterbrühl>>

<<see project Hauptstraße 30, Hinterbrühl>>

<<see project Hauptstraße 65, Hinterbrühl>>