Europastrasse, Villach St. Magdalen

Project information

Selection procedure
STUWO Gemeinnützige Studentenwohnbau AG,
Strozzigasse 6-8,
1080 Vienna
STUWO Gemeinnützige Studentenwohnbau AG,
Strozzigasse 6-8,
1080 Vienna
Europastrasse, 9524 Villach St. Magdalen
Start of planning
Start of construction works
Construction costs
3,50 Mio. (net)
Size of order
Real estate development, overall planning, construction supervision

Located in the beautiful scenery of the Technology parks St. Magdalen next to the Drau river a students campus will be erected, based on the existing building of University of Applied Sciences Technikum Carinthia next to it.

Alongside the northern allotment street the two main parts of the building are being arranged above a single-storey groundfloor containing infrastructural facilities which is unifying the whole building. It is opening up to the central

outdoor space of the campus. The diverse facilities surrounding it are connected by a tight system of pathes for cyclists and pedestrians.


The three storea building offers 58 Flats with space for 110 teachers and students in 2 room-apartments.

A common kitchen is located in each level of each finger of the structure, additionally a fitness and spa area, a generous foyer and a laundry are featured in the groundfloor.