Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna – Construction progress

The construction work is progressing well even though the weather conditions are fluctuating.  The facades of building units one and two are finished and the scaffolding was taken down. The scaffolding for the third building unit was also removed on … Continued

Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna – Construction progress

Before the start of the winter, construction work is being carried out at the exterior of the building. The carpentry work is already finished and the plumbers are currently finishing the steep roof. Also on the green roofs, the last tasks are … Continued

Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna – Topping-out ceremony

After the shell of the building was completed, the sole contractor, STRABAG AG, invite guests to the topping out ceremony on 10/17/2019. Representatives of STRABAG AG, WGA ZT GmbH, Preyergasse PE GmbH and many other companies who were involved accepted … Continued

Hofwiesengasse 12, Vienna

Project information

Selection procedure
Preyergasse PE GmbH,
Lampigasse 9/11
1020 Vienna
Preyergasse PE GmbH,
Lampigasse 9/11
1020 Vienna
Hofwiesengasse 12, 1130 Vienna
Start of planning
Start of construction works
Construction costs
10,89 Mio. (net)
Size of order
Real estate development, overall planning and construction supervision

On a narrow, approximately 2.700m² property, which is based on three sides to the public good, about 79 dwellings and one business premises will be established. A total of approximately 5.300m² usable surface will be created. In addition, the existing zoning and development plan towards Preyergasse provides different building heights. These represent an additional challenge to the building design.
Access is via four staircases to minimize potential transition areas on each floor. There will be created 2-, 3- and 4 -bedroom apartments, which are consistently provided with a housing-related space. Due to the selected design grid it is also possible, depending on the demand, to lay apartments together or to separate in order to respond flexibly to the needs of future residents.
On the ground floor – towards the necessary infrastructural facilities, such as high access areas, bicycle and pram storage room, garbage room, etc. – will be build, situated to the street. Further, a business office is established in the area Lainzer Strasse / Preyergasse to supplement the necessary local supply infrastructure.