End of construction Wagramer Strasse

End of construction Wagramer Strasse 38 27.07.2018 In cooperation with STRABAG AG as general contractor, the residential complex Wagramer Strasse 38 in 1220 Vienna was completed as planned for Antigua Immobilien- und Handelsgesellschaft. The 37 apartments, 5 terraced houses and … Continued

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse

Baufortschritt Wagramer Strasse

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse 12.06.2018 The construction work on Wagramer Strasse is almost complete and the owners will soon be able to move into their apartments. The facade was completely plastered and painted. The scaffolding on the facade of component … Continued

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse

Baufortschritt Wagramer Strasse

Construction progress Wagramer Strasse  29.03.2018 Step by step the completion in the Wagramer Strasse is approaching and the first results of the interior work are visible. The insulation under the ceiling was completely installed in the underground car park. The staircase … Continued

Wagramer Strasse 38, Vienna

Project information

Selection procedure
Antigua Immobilien- und Handelsgesellschaft m. b. H.
Walfischgasse 6/2/6
1010 Vienna
Wagramer Strasse 38, 1220 Vienna
Start of planning
Start of construction works
Construction costs
4,50 Mio. (net)
Size of order
Overall planning


The location is conveniently close to the U1 station Alte Donau at the bus stop of 20A direction Neue Donau.

The project consists of two building structures. The roadside building extends along the Wagramer Strasse and the second component takes the southern building line on. The residential buildings offers space for 42 residential units of varying sizes, all with a housing-related space. The apartments are oriented to the south and west. On the south side balconies are located, while the west side is equipped with loggias. In the attics you find terraces. A rotating belt, along the balconies and windows, gives the facade its rhythm.

The residential complex in Wagramer Strasse is located at a future rich development axis, which is experiencing a boom. The Kaiser water and the Alte Donau can be used as a recreation area and for recreational activities. The housing creates a structural density high quality urban living spaces and meets the demand for living space with private outdoor areas. The development of the two structures is carried out on the one hand on the Wagramer Strasse, for component 1, and on the Eiswerkstrasse, for the component 2. In part 1, a bicycle and pram storage room is housed on the ground floor. For part 2, there is covered, enclosed bicycle parking in the ourdoor area.

Component 1 has 5 stories above ground and 2 attics, where 37 units are housed. The apartment sizes are between 40-95 m², where by a wide demand is covered. All apartments have a kitchen with direct exit to the balcony, loggia or terrace. Part 2 has 3 above-ground floors with 5 residential units in the form of terraced houses. Again, all apartments have a kitchen with direct access to the outside area. Each component has its own access to the basement via elevator and stairs and a separate opening to the storage rooms and 27 parking spaces.