Eggenberger Gürtel 71, Graz

Project information

Selection procedure
Gemeinnützige Wohn- u. Siedlungsgesellschaft SCHÖNERE ZUKUNFT STEIERMARK GesmbH,
Münzgrabenstrasse 36/9,
8010 Graz
WBG Wohnen und Bauen GesmbH,
Margaretengürtel 36-40,
1050 Vienna
STUWO Gemeinnützige Studentenwohnbau AG
Strozzigasse 6-8
1080 Vienna
Haring Group Bauträger GmbH,
Doningasse 12,
1220 Vienna
Eggenberger Gürtel 71, 8020 Graz
Start of planning
Start of construction works
Construction costs
27,80 Mio. (net)
Size of order
Overall planning, Design together with Mrs. Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Adelheid Pretterhofer

The urban mix in Gries should connect as a multifunctional building a residential building and a dormitory with a fully equipped living environment infrastructure. The building gives the urban development area Belt – Don Bosco a major boost.
Three principles are significant for the design:
Starting with the zoning of the space in layers from Eggenberger Gürtel: Despite the heavy traffic load an effective shielding to reduce the noise is created, which offers also a spatial added value to the residents.
The flow of the green space inside: This generates a generous spatial aperture, which guarantees a high-quality plots overlapping identity.
The structuring of the free areas by the meandering shape of the building: The converging courtyard is opened, the green axis on the east side of the property is divided into more manageable areas.
The multifunctional building contains living features and a café, a bicycle repair shop and a launderette. Two medical surgeries and a kindergarten are also available for the residents. The complex consists mostly of small apartments with optimized space consumption, to enable affordable housing offside the housing subsidy. All apartments have a private balcony, or on belt side a glazed loggia. The dormitory for students consists of 300 single rooms, which are housed in 108 duplex and 28 3-units. On each floor there is a common room with a kitchen. Other common facilities like a multi-functional hall, a gym and a sauna are also located in the house.