End of construction Eckertstrasse

Baufertigstellung Eckertstrasse

End of construction Eckertstrasse 09.02.2018 The project Eckertstrasse 30 is successfully completed. The handover of the apartments in our building part to Erste Immobilien KAG took place on February 8 – 9. At that time, the kindergarten was already in operation … Continued

Construction progress Eckertstrasse

Baufortschritt Eckertstrasse

Construction progress Eckertstrasse 23.11.2017 The façades for the residential floors are mostly complete. The areas of the building site still being used for storage or where work is continuing are gradually getting smaller and smaller, scaffolding and construction equipment are … Continued

Construction progress Eckertstrasse

Baufortschritt Eckertstrasse

Construction progress Eckertstrasse 12.09.2017 The balconies and loggias are currently being installed. Parapets and partitions are to follow in the coming weeks. Intensive work is also being done on the open spaces. The timber construction is in full swing. The … Continued

Eckertstrasse 30, Graz

Project information

Selection procedure
Erste Immobilien Kapitalanlage G.m.b.H.
Windmühlgasse 22-24
1060 Vienna
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Planung Campus Eggenberg
Ortenburgerstrasse 27
9800 Spittal/Drau
Eckertstrasse 30, 8020 Graz
Start of planning
Start of construction works
Construction costs
11,18 Mio. (net)
Size of order
Architecture planning, together with Studio Vlay ZTGmbH

Campus Eggenberg, in position directly situated behind the technical college Joanneum in Graz, should connect as a multifunctional building a residential building and a dormitory with a fully equipped living environement within the next three years and revive this part of the city of Graz. Apartments, a dormitory, a supermarket, a Kindergarten and offices for the technical college will be built on three building sites.

The following principles are significant for the design:

The building embraces the open spaces in the south and is on the other site a kind of demarcation to the technical college. Three multi-storey-buildings are a sign as regards urban development. The zoning of the free areas forms three different courts.

Campus Eggenberg is planned by three architects. The architects of WGA ZT GmbH are responsable for the building in the north of the property. It is a 7-storey building with a 11-storey-high rise part. The complex consists of approx. 108 apartments, most of them small apartments with optimized space consumption, to enable affordable housing offside the housing subsidy. All apartments have a private balcony, terrace or loggia.
On the ground floor there will be a Kindergarten with four groups and an associated free area.